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5 reasons to explore new resources from the ADA Center for Professional Success

The ADA Center for Professional Success has published new resources for members – to help you attract new patients and to help you put together a dynamic dental team. Here are five reasons you should explore both of these resources. 1. Podcasts Check out for a fresh podcast about attracting new patients through focusing on… Read More »

Behind-the-Scenes: A Facebook Live conversation on creating clinical practice guidelines

Chances are you’ve read ADA Clinical Practice Guidelines before, but have you ever wondered who the authors are or what the process is for creating them? In case you missed ADA’s first Facebook Live event, you can watch here! Or access the full Sealant Guidelines now. Dr. Suhail Mohiuddin, owner and general dentist at Dentologie, chatted with Dr.… Read More »

Key to visibility: Marketing your practice online can be easy, affordable and fun

Getting more patients in the chair and gaining more recognition in the community are goals for many dental practices in 2017. Nearly half of Dental Practice Success readers surveyed (49.4%) in the DPS New Year’s Practice Resolutions survey said they wanted to increase their patient base with new marketing initiatives, including Dr. Adam R. Bowen, a private practitioner… Read More »

It’s a new world out there: Preparing for a transition into practice ownership

Dental schools do a wonderful job of preparing students to enter dental practice. The students can accomplish most of the procedures that are asked of them. What dental schools don’t do is generate the ability to pick the right practice, take over a business from the senior dentist and guide a team toward excellent patient care. Yet these… Read More »

10-point checklist for investing in technology

Throughout the history of modern dentistry, new technologies have earned their place in practices by outperforming older technologies in some crucial way. The introduction of innovative clinical procedures and materials stimulate the development of new support technologies. And basic scientific and engineering advances — such as from analog to digital systems — can have a revolutionary impact on… Read More »

5 tips to measure online effectiveness

For many prospective patients, your website will be their first introduction to who you are, according to the ADA Center for Professional Success. It will serve as a key part of your online marketing efforts as you will want to direct people to visit your site and learn more about you and your practice. A bad website will… Read More »