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Build your dental career how you want and with a little help from others

One of the best things about being a dentist is that your career is what you want it to be. On the surface, I know a great deal about many subjects. Dental school prepared me with just enough knowledge to get by and sent me on my way. From there, it was up to me to seek opportunities… Read More »

Five timely social media updates for your practice

Social media is changing all the time. Although not every change is relevant for dental practices, there are some major updates that can have an impact on your practice — for better or worse. Ensure your practice is staying at the forefront of social media by making these updates. Facebook groups Facebook groups now have the option to… Read More »

Building Loyalty: Simple techniques to impress and retain patients

Believe it or not, patients don’t ask for much. Excellent service is such a rarity these days that the slightest uptick in attention will impress most people. For instance, if you ordered dinner at a restaurant and it seems like it is taking forever to get your food, a server who takes a minute to apologize for the… Read More »

Five digital dental marketing tactics

Once you’ve got your website in place, it’s time to put it to good use. Here are some tips from PBHS, the only marketing services company endorsed by ADA Member Advantage. 1. Stay at the top of Google search by optimizing your website for voice search. The way we search by voice — conversationally — has a significant… Read More »

Success strategies for new dentists

If you tell kids today that there was a time when the Internet didn’t exist, they’d be amazed. In fact, they’d wonder how you made it through life. Today’s dentists would be equally surprised to hear that there was a time when any dentist could open a practice and automatically be successful. Due to the low supply and… Read More »

Your website: The real front door to your practice

Your website is an invitation to patients to learn about your practice. It should show your practice in its best light and invite visitors to learn more. Websites, like real-world practices, also have to comply with legal requirements. An effective website is a work in progress, one that requires regular updates to keep it working the way you… Read More »