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Exploring caries treatment options: SDF versus fluoride varnish

You’ve probably used fluoride varnish in your practice to help treat tooth sensitivity, but did you know it’s also a helpful tool for stopping – […]

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New dentists on ADA councils get voting privileges

Atlanta — To ensure they have a more “meaningful representation,” the House of Delegates voted Oct. 23 to give new dentist members voting privileges on […]

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Getting to know you: Dr. Jenna Hatfield

Why dentistry? Ever since I was a teenager and in braces, I loved dental terminology. When the assistant would leave me to wait for the […]

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For new dentists, time management will be a constant work in progress

Believe it or not, as dentists we fall into the “very lucky” group when it comes to time management. While no two dentists may have […]

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Photos: 2017 New Dentist Conference

This year’s New Dentist Conference, a customized experience created for dentists fewer than 10 years out of school, was held in conjunction with the ADA […]

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Finance webinar to help dentists collect what they produce

Dentists sometimes have patients concerned about financing treatment plans, even though many practices have policies, programs or systems in place to help the patient. Having […]

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