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Decoding Dental Benefits: Core buildup

   The existence of a CDT code does not necessarily mean that the procedure is covered or reimbursed by a dental benefits plan. That can […]

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Decoding Dental Benefits: Coordination of benefits

When it comes to determining benefits, C-O-B is often not as easy as 1-2-3. Coordination of benefits is when a patient has more than one […]

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2017 10 Under 10 Awards: Meet the Winners

Young dentists do amazing work every day. You know that you don’t need to be in practice for decades to have a massive impact on […]

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Dental Office Design Competition: Outstanding New Dentist Practice winner

Dental Practice Success published its special issue highlighting the winners of the 2017 Dental Office Design Competition, honored as the most functional and thoughtfully designed […]

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Decoding Dental Benefits: Part 1

Chances are, a fair amount of the time dentists spend at their practices every week has little to do with their clinical training — and […]

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How to get a return on your student loans during tax season and all year long

It’s tax season, and hopefully, for you, that means getting some of the hard-earned money you made the year before, back into your pocket – […]

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