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Editorial: Army Dental Corps develops leaders

On April 12th, 10 junior officers selected as exemplary leaders within the Army Dental Corps attended a professional development event at the historic ADA House […]

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Managing debt and wealth: Tackling your loans

Brace yourself: the average student debt after graduation is about a quarter of a million dollars. Grace periods are typically 6 months. You’ll want to […]

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Protect yourself from identity theft

Every other day or so the headlines notify us of another compromise of personal information. Uber, Equifax and even the United States Office of Personnel […]

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Decoding Dental Benefits: Electronic funds transfers

Electronic funds transfer may become the preferred payment method for third-party payers but protections for dentists need to be in place. This is according to […]

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Surprise your patients

How can you make your practice stand out above the others in your community? How can you build loyalty, referrals and positive reactions to social […]

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Decoding Dental Benefits: Contract clauses

 Dental benefits and third-party payer issues are often rated among the most important concerns confronting dentists, and are the source of many calls to the […]

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