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Two new dentists address being a leader in the dental office

Though Drs. Gabriel Holdwick and Alexandra Barton Otto work in two different practice settings, they share similar challenges when it comes to being a leader […]

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Pathways to dentistry: Large group practice associate

When Dr. Sneha Patel started looking for a job after graduating in 2015 from the University of Oklahoma School of Dentistry, she knew she wanted […]

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Women in dentistry: Not done yet

How do you describe the average dentist in America? A paper written in the 1940s that was co-authored by Dr. Harold Hillenbrand, a former executive […]

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Dentist Making A Difference: Dr. Bunnag receives 2017 ADA Humanitarian Award

The ADA Humanitarian Award recognizes dentist members who have distinguished themselves by giving at least 10 years to improving the oral health of underserved populations […]

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Dental licensure portability remains a work in progress

Oklahoma City — When Dr. Lajoi Wiggins moved from North Carolina to Oklahoma for a one-year general practice residency program, she was hoping to moonlight […]

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Exploring caries treatment options: SDF versus fluoride varnish

You’ve probably used fluoride varnish in your practice to help treat tooth sensitivity, but did you know it’s also a helpful tool for stopping – […]

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