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ADA advocacy highlights from 2017 include issues affecting new dentists

From repealing burdensome Medicare regulations to working to include dentistry in the various pro-business tax reform provisions, 2017 was a busy year for the Association’s […]

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Federal dentistry has lifelong impact on former ADA president

Growing up in a military home, Dr. Carol Summerhays always knew she wanted to serve her country in the same way her grandfather and father […]

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Honoring my mother and fighting oral cancer

Cancer. It’s a word that will get everyone’s attention. Unfortunately, this was the word we had to hear at my mother’s appointment during the summer […]

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Managing debt and wealth: Basic budgeting

Budgeting your income can prepare you to effectively manage your student loan debt, leaving you with more options during your first years as a practicing […]

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ADA Wellness Survey: Poor ergonomics emerge as major issue

Does your neck hurt? Your back? You’re not alone. The ADA Council on Dental Practice’s Dental Wellness Advisory Committee conducted a 2015 survey to study […]

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Laurel Road: 2018 rates offer student loan refinancing savings

ADA members refinancing their student loans through Laurel Road may save more money with new rates that went into effect in the new year. The […]

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