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No matter the setting: Patients remain at heart of rural, urban dental practices

When Dr. Cassie Berens graduated from dental school, she knew she wanted to work in a small town. A native of rural Iowa, Dr. Berens […]

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Free webinar: Where ideal treatment plans draw their last breath

There has always been attention paid to patient case acceptance. Dentists and teams may be monitoring overall acceptance percentages for new patients and patients of […]

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Volunteer efforts shift after Hurricane Maria destruction

In September 2017, Hurricane Maria, a category 4 storm, hit the island of Puerto Rico. The destruction from the southeast to the northwest of the […]

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Building Loyalty: Simple techniques to impress and retain patients

Believe it or not, patients don’t ask for much. Excellent service is such a rarity these days that the slightest uptick in attention will impress […]

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Success strategies for new dentists

If you tell kids today that there was a time when the Internet didn’t exist, they’d be amazed. In fact, they’d wonder how you made […]

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