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Everything you need to know about root cause analysis in dentistry

An error was made. No matter whether you practice in Baghdad or Los Angeles, you need to know why so that you can fix it. Root cause analysis is an analytical method that seeks to identify the root causes for a problem, which in turn helps to identify potential solutions. It’s one of the best tools in dentistry… Read More »

My COVID-19 vaccination experience

Just a few weeks ago, on Dec. 11, the FDA issued an emergency use authorization for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, making it the first vaccine to be authorized for the prevention of COVID-19. A week later, an additional order was issued by the FDA approving Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine. While this is a huge step forward in our fight… Read More »

Here’s to the innovators

“The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.” This proverb comes from the Japanese culture, one that is often believed to value conformity over deviance. Blending in is safe and comfortable. Standing out is risky and unsettling. Our basic human instincts tell us to stay under the radar in order to survive and thrive. While status quo is easier, it is not… Read More »

Implementing new safety measures before reopening our dental practices

When I put finger to keyboard three weeks ago I was sitting in my office after having seen an emergency patient at one of my company’s two Federally Qualified Health Center clinics in central Indiana. Two days later we decided to close that location and only see patients at the larger of the two clinics and cut back… Read More »

Returning to a new normal

As many states continue to extend social distancing measures, many people are asking, “When will things finally return to normal?” I’m here to tell you things should never return to normal as they were before — and that’s OK! As health care providers, it is our job to improve. It’s our job to innovate. It’s our job to… Read More »

Tips for prescribing antibiotics for dental pain, swelling

While antibiotics can be a vital tool in a dentist’s practice, continuing to prescribe them wisely can help to ensure they remain effective. The ADA has pledged commitment to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Antimicrobial Resistance Challenge and has released the latest clinical practice guideline on antibiotic use for dental pain and swelling. Don’t have… Read More »