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ADA Seal of Acceptance provides evidence-based safety, efficacy information

More than 200 over-the-counter dental products sold to consumers carry something highly coveted: the ADA Seal of Acceptance. Participating companies commit significant resources to test and market products in the Seal program, and these products can be used with assurance that they are safe and have demonstrated efficacy according to requirements developed by the ADA Council on Scientific… Read More »

2017 10 Under 10 Awards: Meet the Winners

Young dentists do amazing work every day. You know that you don’t need to be in practice for decades to have a massive impact on the dental profession, your peers and your community. The 10 Under 10 award honors dentistry’s rising stars: dentists who are giving their all, sparking change and inspiring others – all less than 10… Read More »

Arizona dentist emphasizes evidence-based dentistry in teaching, practice

Dr. Mai-Ly Duong’s six-day work weeks don’t offer her all the time she’d like to study and evaluate the latest scientific research. But being up-to-date on science and applying it to patient care is important to her, she said, which is why she uses the ADA Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry as a resource. “I truly think it is… Read More »

Exploring caries treatment options: SDF versus fluoride varnish

You’ve probably used fluoride varnish in your practice to help treat tooth sensitivity, but did you know it’s also a helpful tool for stopping – and even reversing – tooth decay? Fluoride varnish can be painted onto white spot lesions to blast the area with a high concentration of fluoride, help remineralize the enamel and reverse damage before… Read More »

‘I credit this dentist with saving my life’

In July 2012, registered nurse Sandy Wexler went to her dentist for her routine cleaning, just as she always did. After her cleaning, the dentist did a routine check for oropharyngeal cancer, including a visual inspection and palpating Sandy’s neck. Sandy wasn’t very familiar with exams like this and thought that maybe her new dentist was doing extra… Read More »

Updated guideline: How to evaluate patients for oral cancer

As a dentist, you know what looks normal – and what doesn’t – in your patients’ mouths. That’s why many cases of oral cancer are caught by dentists who noticed a suspicious lesion during an appointment. The American Cancer Society estimates that there will be 49,670 new cases of oral cancer this year, with 9,700 deaths from the… Read More »