5 ways to gain respect when you’re the youngest in the practice

By | September 12, 2019

1. Give respect.
The best way to gain respect is to give respect. Be aware of what you say, how you treat others and respect them for the good in them. – Dr. Sejal Thacker, Farmington, Connecticut

2. Dress the part.
Invest in quality lab coats embroidered with your name. Looking professional and standing out among the staff who are in scrubs can go a long way. – Dr. Katie Satula, Hales Corners, Wisconsin

3. Communication.
Positive feedback, expressing your gratitude, discussing disappointments with staff or being transparent with the patient about the findings / prognosis / treatment options.       – Dr. Sejal Thacker, Farmington, Connecticut

4. Be confident.
Don’t be arrogant. Trust in your education, knowledge and skill. – Dr. Katie Satula, Hales Corners, Wisconsin

5. Own it.
Stay humble and take extreme ownership in every interaction. – Dr. Christopher Green, Parker, Colorado.

13 thoughts on “5 ways to gain respect when you’re the youngest in the practice

  1. Franson Tom, MS Ed, DMD

    Treat patients how you expect to be treated when you are a patient…PDR SET EBD TLC: Patient-Doctor Relationship where the Doctor is Selfless, Excellent, Trustworthy, Evidence Based Dentistry built on Truthful, Likable, Compassionate oral health care.

  2. John l Hillsman

    Be yourself. Don’t try to put on a show. People want you to be yourself. You will achieve different qualities as you age and gain experience.
    John L Hillsman Black Mtn. NC

  3. Nandhini K M

    Gaining trust is a slow but steady process. At any point in time, we shouldn’t lose our conscience and be genuine in whatever we do. For a long term successful practice, your 5 valid points are much important along with being trustworthy. Thanks for the article.

  4. Megan

    Dressing the part is definitely important. It’s hard to take you seriously when you look sloppy.

  5. Dentist Gold Coast

    All patients come to see a doctor when they are unable to cope with the pain. All they need at the moment is gentle care. That way we can gain respect. By following these 5 ways, we can gently treat patients.


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