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  • So, how do we take action? Is there a way to reduce our debt? I sure would like to know a way to reduce my interest rate. Seems like I’ve been paying for 7 years and my balance is about the same as when I got out of school! $2300 a month is a large percentage of my income!

  • I’ll be so happy if I can find a way to help as a dentist & or because of holding a degree in Dental Public Health I might be able to offer my skill & efforts to those who are in need . But I have no idea how & where shall I start from!

  • I’m looking for a part time associate in a friendly, family oriented modern general practice. See my blog on my website for more details. Thanks. Gary

  • Need help with accreditation process for CERP? Has anyone completed the application process recently?

  • I want to say that the pros and cons of dentist you describe very well. That’s really very impressing. I checked your whole blog its really good. I am also work as a periodontal and i also want you will check my site one time. If you think there’s anything missing then inform me.Thank You

  • I just read the writeup in the ADA News. I think the idea of a dental blog site is a great service you’re providing for young ADA members. Keep up the good work. Dr. Medina

  • This blog really helps a lot. I’m also a new dentist and I’m really glad that there’s an online resource like this blog. 🙂 By the way, I’m one of the advisers here: – maybe you would like to check it out and share your opinion/s? Or maybe a guest post from you?