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The demand for knowledge and the dentist’s responsibility to constantly improve

In the 1980s, it was said by an inventor, R. Buckminster Fuller, that human knowledge had been doubling every century. As of the year 2020, researchers have estimated that our knowledge is now doubling at a rate of once every 12 hours. With an exponential increase in knowledge over a 40-year period, and with a constant rise in… Read More »

‘Life Interrupted’: Lessons learned on the importance of oral cancer screening, early detection and treatment

When I finished my oral and maxillofacial surgery residency, I started out as an associate in a multi-doctor group practice.  I was full of hopes and dreams: I tried to become a better dentist and surgeon by regularly attending seminars, courses and dental conventions.  I was planning on getting married and starting a family and the possibility of… Read More »

From Google University to Facebook Dental School: Are we too dependent on instant internet knowledge?

When I was preparing to start my practice in 2008, Facebook was just in its toddler stage. I started with a basic profile and I shared some family photos. I searched for, and found some long-lost friends from childhood. To me, Facebook was merely a channel to share my personal life with a small trusted circle of friends; a place to… Read More »

Budgeting for continuing education as a new dentist

Within a few months of graduation, I made a budgeting plan for continuing education. I did this early on because apart from being able to serve patients better with specialized learning, I was inspired to attain a Fellowship at the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), like some of my faculty at the University of Washington. Attaining a Fellowship… Read More »

Why hiking the Grand Canyon is like our journey through continuing education

A few years ago, I had some time to kill between courses at one of my favorite places, Spear Education in Scottsdale, Arizona.  While talking over coffee during the first course, I mentioned to resident faculty member Dr. Doug Benting that I’d like to go for a hike. He asked if I was going to hike the Grand… Read More »

Learning doesn’t stop after graduation

When I was starting my career five years ago, I wish I would have taken more advantage of the helpful resources available at my fingertips, like ADA CE Online. These courses have helped me build my practice and advance my career. I know life is busy, but here are three really good reasons to check out ADA CE… Read More »