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Early detection is key for treating aggressive cancers

The importance of having routine dental checkups could never be truer for a young patient in Washington state. Last year, Dr. Harlyn Susarla, was examining […]

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Associateships: What, how and who?

What is a dental associateship? A common form of dental employment is an associateship, where a dentist works as an employee of another dentist, or a […]

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KeyBank acquires ADA-endorsed Laurel Road

Cleveland — KeyBank National Association announced in April it acquired the digital lending business of Laurel Road, the student loan-refinancing program endorsed by the ADA. […]

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Free webinar: Student loan best practices with Laurel Road

Learn best practices for student loan refinancing and better understand your student loan repayment options with this complimentary webinar from the ADA and preferred provider […]

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