Planning your next career move? A practice option report can help

Whether you are looking to join an existing practice or establish a new one, it’s often helpful to create a practice option report. A practice […]

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Acquiring a dental practice: Questions and considerations

It’s natural for dental associates to eventually step out on their own. Whether you’re looking to pay down student loan debt, create more lifestyle flexibility […]

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Navigating ethical dilemmas as a new dentist

         Is it ethical to date a patient? What are the ethical implications of using social coupons to expand my patient base? What should I […]

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Rethinking your schedule

All business professionals know this simple truth: time is money. In dentistry, time is controlled by the practice’s scheduling system, and, while dentists don’t sell […]

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Launching a practice? Don’t forget these 3 tasks

Are you thinking about starting your own practice? Or have you already taken the plunge and opened your first office? Whether you’re a newbie or […]

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