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Decoding Dental Benefits: Part 1

Chances are, a fair amount of the time dentists spend at their practices every week has little to do with their clinical training — and everything to do with their patients’ dental benefits plans. Navigating the various dental plans and their restrictions, maximum allowable charges, plan changes and other limitations can make even the most benefit-savvy dentists bang… Read More »

Let go and live with less control

We all hang on to ideas, emotions and memories that sometimes deserve to be let go. In this article, I discuss learning about a major problem we may all face when we try to hang on to something. Letting go is a tricky business because we all hold onto certain beliefs very tightly. For example, we believe in… Read More »

Facebook calls to action: Are you using honey or vinegar?

It takes a matter of seconds to realize that someone is selling to you. In person, you may get that vibe from someone and instantly know. The same applies in social media. In fact, Facebook goes to great lengths to prevent businesses from placing ads in users’ news feeds that are overtly “salesy.” That old saying, “You’ll attract… Read More »

Practice Successfully, Live Well: Ergonomic advice to reduce work-related pain

Dentistry is a physically demanding profession. Dentists often assume awkward positions to provide treatment to their patients. This leaves them at high risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). MSDs are a common medical problem and include carpal tunnel syndrome and hand-arm vibration syndrome. The causes include repetitive work motions, awkward or constrained postures and the use of vibrating… Read More »

Separation anxiety: 5 tips for balancing work life and personal life

Sep-a-rate. Just separate your work and your personal life. We say this to others and others say it to us as if we can push a button to turn it on or turn it off. To a certain extent separating is a necessity in the day-to-day life of any dentist or dental professional. We cannot think about the… Read More »

Dentologie ‘experience map’ shows road to patient satisfaction

When do patients begin forming impressions about your dental practice? When making their first appointment online or by phone? How about their final impressions of their overall dental experience? Are those solidified during the last appointment of a treatment plan? Or when the patient learns whether insurance will cover their treatment? According to the three new dentists who… Read More »