Decoding Dental Benefits: Part 1

By | March 2, 2018

Chances are, a fair amount of the time dentists spend at their practices every week has little to do with their clinical training — and everything to do with their patients’ dental benefits plans.

Navigating the various dental plans and their restrictions, maximum allowable charges, plan changes and other limitations can make even the most benefit-savvy dentists bang their heads in frustration.

The ADA is here to help. Dentists have worked too hard to get tripped up by dental benefits.

A new series of ADA News articles called Decoding Dental Benefits seeks to educate dentists so they can make informed decisions on dental plan participation and realize what the ADA can do — and can’t do — on its members’ behalf.

New dentists, as well as more experienced dentists, understandably need help understanding the complexities of dental plans before they sign contracts to help minimize surprises and frustrations. The ADA provides information on common contractual clauses found in third-party payer contracts and the potential implications on a dental practice.

On top of ADA News articles addressing common questions about dental benefits, the ADA has developed a one-stop shop on dental benefits offering resources on how to successfully work through third-party payer issues so that patients receive the benefits which have been paid for on their behalf. The newly revamped site,, is part of the ADA Center for Professional Success, a unique Web portal for dentists seeking success as dental practitioners and small business owners.

After all, an excellent dentist-patient relationship leaves little room for interference. And part of that means more time for the patient and less time worrying about dental benefit claim issues.

If dentists have a concern or question they would like addressed in a future issue, they are encouraged to contact

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