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Managing professional risks: The doctor/patient relationship

One of the most effective ways to mitigate many of the risks inherent in practicing dentistry is to create and nurture a positive relationship with every patient, according to the ADA Center for Professional Success. The way you and your team manage the patient experience can go a long way towards developing a partnership based on mutual respect… Read More »

New service to help dentists with transitions

ADA Practice Transitions is a new service offered through ADA Business Innovations Group to foster relationships between dentists at key points in their careers. The purpose is to match dentists who are looking to join a practice with owners who are seeking a partner, associate or someone to purchase their practice. ADA Practice Transitions was developed after field… Read More »

Q&A: What I’ve learned

New dentists are bound to learn lessons and face challenges as they launch their careers. The New Dentist News talked with two dentists who are eight to 10 years into their careers about keeping up with the latest literature, building and maintaining a practice, managing debt and other issues. Dr. Jon Copeland Practice owner in Wildwood, Missouri How… Read More »

Free webinar to address HIPAA regulation for dental practices

A free Aug. 9 webinar, “HIPAA Security Risk Analysis,” will focus on only one particular aspect of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, according to ADA News. However, understanding that aspect — the security rule regulation — is critical to the entire success of a dental practice’s security compliance program. “The goal of HIPAA training is, at… Read More »

Decoding Dental Benefits: EOBs

Dental offices have lodged complaints to the ADA about explanation of benefit statements that are incorrect or need to be clarified, but the Association has resources available for dentists when dealing with third-party payers. The ADA has taken a strong position in advocating for clear EOBs, said Dr. Brett H. Kessler, a member of the ADA Council on… Read More »

Free webinar: The growing impact of PPO leasing on your dental practice

Have you ever had a patient present with an insurance identification card for a plan the dental office thought it was not in-network with only to find out, after the explanation of benefits was received, that the office was indeed in-network with the plan? Can a dentist opt out of participating with a leased plan? What fees can… Read More »