Free webinar: The growing impact of PPO leasing on your dental practice

By | June 7, 2018

Have you ever had a patient present with an insurance identification card for a plan the dental office thought it was not in-network with only to find out, after the explanation of benefits was received, that the office was indeed in-network with the plan? Can a dentist opt out of participating with a leased plan? What fees can be charged when you participate in a leased network? These concerns can be a stressful and sometimes costly process for a dental office.

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In this webinar you will get the answers to these questions and more. You will gain a basic understanding of what PPO leasing is and how this may affect your practice. You will hear from a dentist who echoes concerns of other dental offices that have had issues with understanding PPO leasing. You will also hear from a large dental PPO leasing organization who will explain how PPO leasing works and the advantages of participation for a dental practice.

ADA leadership continues to hear your feedback on these issues and has taken action to help dental offices understand how PPO leasing works. This webinar is another of the many tactics we are employing as part of our coordinated communications plan on dental benefits and third party issues. We look forward to your participation.

For more information on ADA’s activities on third party payer advocacy and dental benefits including information on PPO leasing, visit

2 thoughts on “Free webinar: The growing impact of PPO leasing on your dental practice

  1. Dennis McHugh

    A preferred provider organization (PPO) plan is regular indemnity insurance combined with a network of dentists under contract to the dental plan to deliver specified services for set fees and according to the provisions of the contract. More information on the various types of dental plans can be found at

    In addition, according to the National Association of Dental Plans, 81% of commercial dental plans are PPOs which dominate the marketplace and almost 204,000 dentists participate in at least one PPO plan.


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