5 reasons to explore new resources from the ADA Center for Professional Success

Center for Professional SuccessThe ADA Center for Professional Success has published new resources for members – ADA.org/marketing to help you attract new patients and ADA.org/staff to help you put together a dynamic dental team. Here are five reasons you should explore both of these resources.

1. Podcasts

Check out ADA.org/marketing for a fresh podcast about attracting new patients through focusing on everything from your practice’s website to its waiting room. And visit ADA.org/staff for a podcast about being a great boss.

2. Videos

There are a couple videos you will be interested in at ADA.org/staff, including hand hygiene tips for the dental team. At ADA.org/marketing, you can watch a video about the do’s and don’ts of social media.

3. Modules

 The GPS Managing Marketing module at ADA.org/marketing has advice on market research, advertising and much more.

4. Articles

Discover articles about preparing written employment agreements, managing effective team meetings and much more.

5. Listicles

Wait, does this mean you’re reading a listicle about other listicles? Mind blowing! But once you get past your amazement, check out the five tips for setting up payroll at your practice.


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