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What is the Accountability System for your Goals?

Big dreams are great, but if you don’t create space in your life for making progress toward them, then they’re fantasies, not goals. That’s a quote from productivity expert Laura Vanderkam who goes on to write: Build an accountability system–a friend, a group, an app–that will make failure uncomfortable. If you’ve got a run scheduled for Tuesday morning,… Read More »

Money Matters — Shared Accounts?

Over at his blog The Simple Dollar, Trent has been wondering when it makes sense for romantic couples to share a checking account (Spoiler alert: He and his wife began marriage with separate accounts, but they eventually merged.) Back in 2011, Jessica Grose wrote for Slate about the possibilities she and her husband considered: Common Potters — this… Read More »

The Secret to Effective Email

  Earlier we posted about asking for favors on the phone, but we know that email is a more common communications tool for many of us. What is it that makes some emails get ignored while others get action? At the Inc. blog, Geoffrey James has a six-step system for writing emails that produce results. Here’s step #1:… Read More »