Do You Use Email to get Patient Feedback?

By | December 9, 2013

How do you collect feedback?Over at the blog Signal vs. Noise, Jason Fried has been writing about the feedback requests he has gotten from different businesses. He was not a fan of this survey he received after buying a car.

After buying some gourmet foods from an Ann Arbor mail-order deli, he got an email survey that consisted of a single question:

How Likely are you to Recommend (this mail order company) to a friend or colleague?

 0 = Not a Chance

10 = In a Heartbeat

Considering how challenging it can be to get feedback, it’s easy to see the appeal of such a simple survey, although it’s less clear how useful the results might be.

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How do you find out what your patients think about the job you and your team are doing? Leave your answer in the comments.