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Procrastinating online? Try this tip

Ever had the experience of avoiding something you know you should be doing in favor of refreshing your newsfeed or checking your email? Emily Schwartz, author of The Time Diet: Digestible Time Management, feels your pain. And over at the Fast Company blog she offers a simple suggestion to triumph over those distractions: Log out of the game/network/email/whatever… Read More »

Working on the Weekend?

When it comes to work/life balance, one common piece of advice is to avoid working on the weekends whenever possible. But productivity writer and blogger Laura Vanderkam, writing on the Fast Company blog, suggests that work on the weekends might just be the key to a successful work/life balance. Working on weekends is the flipside of having flexibility… Read More »

Follow the New Dentist Track

Let’s face it—planning your CE courses at ADA Annual Session can be a little daunting with over 300 lectures and interactive learning events to choose from. Where do you start? May we suggest the New Dentist Track? These 21 courses were selected in consultation with the ADA New Dentist Committee, and they cover both clinical and practice management… Read More »