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Dentistry and (the Dentist’s) Discomfort—Ergonomics

According to data collected at the ADA Health Screening Program at the 2012 Annual Session in San Francisco, 70 percent of dentists and dental team members examined reported neck or back pain. That’s not too surprising considering the positions many dentists adopt when working. Ergonomics is the science of the physical relationship between you and your environment. It… Read More »

Fight Decision Fatigue and be More Effective

Does this scenario sound familiar? At the end of a day full of making decisions and answering questions, someone asks what you want for dinner and you realize I have no idea what I would like to eat for dinner. The term for this is decision fatigue and it refers to the idea that decision making is like… Read More »

What is the Accountability System for your Goals?

Big dreams are great, but if you don’t create space in your life for making progress toward them, then they’re fantasies, not goals. That’s a quote from productivity expert Laura Vanderkam who goes on to write: Build an accountability system–a friend, a group, an app–that will make failure uncomfortable. If you’ve got a run scheduled for Tuesday morning,… Read More »