Procrastinating online? Try this tip

By | March 3, 2014

Pocket watches in a bunchEver had the experience of avoiding something you know you should be doing in favor of refreshing your newsfeed or checking your email?

Emily Schwartz, author of The Time Diet: Digestible Time Management, feels your pain. And over at the Fast Company blog she offers a simple suggestion to triumph over those distractions:

Log out of the game/network/email/whatever before you start your important task.

“The extra step of having to enter in your password will buy you enough time to realize that you’re distracting yourself and shouldn’t,” she says. “Distracted work takes far longer than focused work.”

What about you—what’s your secret for keeping yourself focused when it counts? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

One thought on “Procrastinating online? Try this tip

  1. Time Clock Software

    I agree! This is a great tip to keep yourself focused on your important tasks at work. The simple ding of receiving a new email can make you lose your focus on your work. If you are logged out of your email, or other distracting sites, it will be a lot harder to lose focus because you aren’t constantly worried about the next email, your turn in a game, etc. You can focus on what’s important.


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