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Buy Me Some Peanuts at the Mile-High Marker

Coors Field offers so many advantages to hitters. Here’s some information from the official Coors Field website. We’ve been researching the mile high stadium in advance of the 2013 New Dentist Conference, taking place in Denver and we’ve learned some interesting facts about baseball when it’s played at such an altitude: The ball travels about 9% farther than… Read More »

Dentistry and (the Dentist’s) Discomfort—Ergonomics

According to data collected at the ADA Health Screening Program at the 2012 Annual Session in San Francisco, 70 percent of dentists and dental team members examined reported neck or back pain. That’s not too surprising considering the positions many dentists adopt when working. Ergonomics is the science of the physical relationship between you and your environment. It… Read More »