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Pathways to Dentistry: VA Hospital

When Dr. Sam Willens was in dental school, he imagined himself one day working in his own private practice office. So these days, about seven years since graduation and six years since he got hired on full-time at a Veterans Affairs hospital dental clinic just outside Chicago, his main advice for other new dentists is “keep an open… Read More »

Identifying and dealing with depression

In the 2015 ADA Dentist Health and Wellness Survey, a total of 11 percent were diagnosed with depression, 6 percent were diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, and 4 percent were identified as suffering from panic attacks, according to the ADA Center for Professional Success. Of those surveyed, 28 percent of dentists sought help for their mental health disorder,… Read More »

From the dental office to politics

Washington — What does it take to go from practicing dentistry to practicing politics? That was the focus of the 7th Annual Specialty Physician and Dentist Candidate Workshop supported by the American Dental Political Action Committee, according to ADA News.                                 Seven ADA… Read More »

Five inexpensive, effective ways to market your dental practice

Building a successful dental practice requires passion, quality service and most importantly, successful marketing. Skilled medical professionals can no longer open a business and expect potential patients to find them. They need to differentiate themselves from competitors and strive to reach people in creative and convenient ways. Effective marketing can help dental practices build and expand their patient… Read More »

Recognizing when your life is out of balance (and how to get it back)

Are you balancing your life or is stress taking its toll? Take a look at these warning signs of someone who is out of balance: Vague sense of unease or being unsettled. Unable to sleep properly. Can’t shake a cold, or get several illnesses in a row. Shortened temper. Forgetful. Less energy. Desire to overeat. These symptoms make… Read More »

The biggest challenge as a new dentist: my age

One of the dentists in my office, Dr. Danny Hearrean, and I both have something in common with Howie Mandel. Dr. Hearrean styles his hair the same way as Howie, and I hate to shake people’s hands. Nevermind the fact when I was ASDA editor-in-chief, I assisted in the creation of this video on how to properly shake… Read More »