Following Up with Your Network

By | December 22, 2013
New Dentist Reception

Networking continues after the event ends

It was great hanging out with everyone at the 27th New Dentist Conference this past weekend. Every year the attendees tell us how much they value the connections they make with one another at the conference.

How do you follow up with a great connection, whether you meet at the New Dentist Conference, the 2013 ADA Annual Session Oct. 31-Nov. 3 in New Orleans, or at another event?

Over at the OpenForum blog, Nicole Smartt has a series of tips about how to turn a one-time networking event into a long-term business relationship. She shares several tactics for staying top-of-mind with the folks you’ve met. Here’s one that stuck out for us:

Keep them top of mind too. Subscribe to Google alerts or their newsletters and congratulate them on their successes, new ventures or even their recent quote in the paper.

 Seems like this would also be a handy tip for cultivating new patients. What about you, how do you stay connected with your network? Share your answers in the comments.