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‘Gray market’: New dentists should be aware of purchasing risks

The path a dental product takes from the manufacturer to the dental office is typically a straight and trustworthy one. By purchasing directly from the manufacturer or an authorized distributor, new dentists can be assured the product they receive is the one the y ordered. But dentists or their staff may be intentionally or unintentionally turning to the… Read More »

Looking for life, disability insurance? Take advantage of your ADA member benefits

New patients. New colleagues. Maybe even a new family. As a new dentist, you’re exposed to different risks compared to your dental student days. “The ADA member insurance plans underwritten by Great West are one of the best benefits of ADA membership,” said Dr. Lindsey Yates, ADA Council on Members Insurance and Retirement Programs’ New Dentist Committee ex-officio… Read More »

ADA unveils revamped ADA Success program for dental students

In an effort to help dental students prepare for life as a dentist and boost student engagement with the ADA, the Association in August launched a revamped ADA Success program, which offers a series of programs on topics most relevant to students today. “The new programs have a more modern look and more pertinent information, but will continue… Read More »

Tips to safeguard your practice from computer hackers

Prevention goes a long way when it comes to reducing or eliminating computer hacking of business and personal computers that are used at your practice. While not the most common form of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act breach, hacking and other IT in incidents, such as phishing or malware infections, can create a serious program for health… Read More »

Dentist employment agreements seminar video

Jeffrey Fraum, senior associate general counsel for the American Dental Association, presented an overview of dental employment agreements to dental students at the University of Illinois at Chicago. “You guys deal with contracts all the time. You click through contracts [online] and you get them at the bank. Nobody’s got the time to read them all, but your employment… Read More »

EHR considerations before you buy

Evaluating and comparing electronic health record vendors can be difficult. How do you know what level of EHR your practice needs? Should you involve your staff in the selection process? And how do you compare pricing models? According to ADA Center for Professional Success, you should choose the vendor that best complements your practice needs. Conducting a formal… Read More »