Dentist employment agreements seminar video

By | August 24, 2015

Jeffrey Fraum, senior associate general counsel for the American Dental Association, presented an overview of dental employment agreements to dental students at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

signing a document“You guys deal with contracts all the time. You click through contracts [online] and you get them at the bank. Nobody’s got the time to read them all, but your employment agreement is one you should really look at,” Mr. Fraum said.

In his 30-minute presentation, posted in the ADA Center for Professional Success website, Mr. Fraum addresses key legal provisions in dental employment agreements. He ends his presentation by giving the attendees a copy of “Dentist Employment Agreements: A Guide to Key legal Provisions.”

To view the presentation, click here.

3 thoughts on “Dentist employment agreements seminar video

  1. Las Vegas Cosmetic Dentist

    It is important to understand the ramifications of the contracts you sign. Especially in regards to employment. Every contract should be scrutinized. You would be surprised by the little things an average company like Target will put in their employee contracts let alone the medical profession.

  2. Dr. Ahmad Momani

    When we start study in the dentist then we awake the dental student. every one check perfectly from every where. That is good because when we start any work this is important that we can check out everything.


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