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Buyer beware: Gray market product checklist

In light of concerns about the effectiveness and safety of dental products sold on the gray market, it’s imperative dentists and their team members be cognizant of what they are purchasing and from whom. The term “gray market” is a generic term that primarily refers to products that are traded or sold outside of the manufacturer’s authorized distribution… Read More »

On taking medical leave, what’s the law?

Wondering how federal, state and local laws affect medical leave? Many of these laws only apply if a business has a certain number of employees. For instance, the Family and Medical Leave Act, the federal law that requires employers to provide employees job-protected and unpaid leave for qualified medical and family reasons, including the birth or adoption of… Read More »

Taking medical leave

The balance between work and home can sometimes be challenging. And perhaps no time is more challenging than when you need to take medical leave. Five years ago, Dr. Jean Bainbridge, a general dentist from Dallas, needed to put her practice on hold briefly after undergoing a total knee replacement. To get the office ready, she made sure… Read More »

How to fight fraud in your dental office

As a new dentist, there are plenty of issues to worry about. But one is a thing you might not expect. Fraud. “I never thought much about it,” said Dr. Andrea Fallon, a new dentist who is a partner in a practice in a suburb of Springfield, Massachusetts. But it took an instance shortly after she started practicing… Read More »

5 things to know about emailing patients

There’s always a certain level of risk when sending information electronically, but the stakes are higher for health care providers who send patient information. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which protects patients’ privacy at covered dental practices, imposes hefty fines — ranging from $100 to $1.5 million — for violations of HIPAA requirements. From emailing clinical… Read More »

ADA launches one-stop new dentist Web portal

The ADA launched this month a new Web portal,, designed to provide a one-stop shop for new dentists seeking information, ranging from finding a job and managing finances to better understanding employment agreements and compensation. The portal provides new dentists easy access to a variety of new dentist-specific ADA resources and benefits, including the ADA job board,… Read More »