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Hermey the Elf, ADA bring holiday spirit to patient care resources

Hermey the Elf, who was named a D.D.G.—Dental Do Gooder—by the ADA in 2014, is back this holiday season to make improving oral health more festive. Hermey is featured in patient resources, including coloring pages and brushing charts available on “Hermey is a beloved character who embodies the spirit of the season,” said Dr. Chad P. Gehani,… Read More »

Tips for prescribing antibiotics for dental pain, swelling

While antibiotics can be a vital tool in a dentist’s practice, continuing to prescribe them wisely can help to ensure they remain effective. The ADA has pledged commitment to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Antimicrobial Resistance Challenge and has released the latest clinical practice guideline on antibiotic use for dental pain and swelling. Don’t have… Read More »

Navigating difficult conversations: When sensitive topics come up, what do you do?

Opioids. Dental neglect. Anti-science claims. These are just some of the sensitive topics that may come up for a practicing dentist. When difficult situations arise, what do you do? Dr. Donovan Caves, a general dentist in Suffolk, Virginia, cited pain medication requests as a source of potential conflict for many practices. When a patient requests narcotics, he and… Read More »

Finding a job: ADA CareerCenter unveils upgraded online job board for dental professionals

            Dental professionals looking for the right job can turn to the ADA CareerCenter, the Association’s official online job board, which unveiled July 17 its upgraded website in an effort to improve user experience and personalization of jobs searches. The online job board features a new personalization dashboard, which provides a more user-friendly experience for jobseekers and generates… Read More »

Free webinar: Claims submission in the eyes of a dental consultant

Ever wonder why a claim was denied or the dental plan consultant asked for more documentation? Dentists want to know why the benefit for the treatment plan agreed on by their patient may be denied as many ADA member dentists have reported these concerns to us. Dentists also want to know why they have to provide so much… Read More »

‘Friending’ patients: What are the potential ethical considerations?

Q: As caring, compassionate, and friendly practitioners, we naturally care and are curious about our patients and their lives. We certainly garner information on many of our patients’ typical family activities, vacations, purchases, life changes, and other events as a part of interacting with them in a treatment setting. In fact, this is often how we best display… Read More »