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Implementing new safety measures before reopening our dental practices

When I put finger to keyboard three weeks ago I was sitting in my office after having seen an emergency patient at one of my company’s two Federally Qualified Health Center clinics in central Indiana. Two days later we decided to close that location and only see patients at the larger of the two clinics and cut back… Read More »

Feeling anxious about coronavirus? Remember to reach out to fellow dentists

The past week has been one strange week. Many didn’t see this coming the way it did, and I doubt anyone expected state heads to take such measures to ensure public safety. I’m talking about COVID-19, and the toll it has taken on dentistry, but you probably guessed that already. It was late afternoon on March 19, when… Read More »

‘All in this together’: Despite uncertainties over COVID-19, let’s be the voice of reason

I sit here looking at torn up carpet, smelling fresh paint and hearing nothing.  It’s the middle of a Thursday morning and my dental office is silent. I should be hearing my assistants laughing with each other, hygienists reviewing radiographs with patients, and 12 ops humming with high speed drills and suctions. The silence is terrifying. You see, in January… Read More »

Do it for the ‘gram: Developing your dental practice’s social media identity

Have you heard of Instagram? Of course you have. It’s one of the largest social media platforms, currently serving over one billion monthly active users. If you’re under the age of thirty-five, you likely have an account yourself that you use to post filtered selfies, pictures of your cats, and/or esthetic landscapes. However, have you ever considered using… Read More »

Implementing new technology into an older practice as a new associate

It was October of 2017, I was graduating in May of the next year, and I happened to score a job from the first and only interview I had with a private practice. “This is it,” I thought, as I muscled through the last several months of school. I was going to be a real, practicing dentist in… Read More »

Are dentists monsters?

Can you relate? You’re having a pleasant conversation with someone you just met. Then the question “And what do you do for a living?” Proudly, you respond, “I am a dentist and you?” Too often, the response can be “No offense, but I hate the dentist.” Depictions of dentists in popular culture have often been negative. Let’s face… Read More »