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Improving team member engagement

Dentistry is a rewarding career despite some of its challenges. You have probably already thought about the ups and downs when choosing it as a career. Unfortunately, many lose their enthusiasm for dentistry with each passing day for various reasons: Think student loans, need to increase the number of patients, etc. Working in team building and development taught me… Read More »

‘Dental Olympians’: Moving forward amid the COVID-19 pandemic

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” – Plato As I watch the New Year’s Eve ball dropped, I embraced the memories of 2019 and waited for the year to end in hopes that 2020 will be even better. But no one could have predicted what the past six months have been like from… Read More »

The power of care calls during uncertain times

I remember the transition I went through after I purchased my dental practice. That was a time of uncertainty for patients of the practice because, well, they just didn’t know what they were getting. Who was this new guy taking over the office? Through the first few weeks of my transition, my team updated me on the many… Read More »

Uncharted times: First week of reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic

What if I told you that I had lived a lifetime in one week — would you believe me? As of May 17, there are forty states open for dentistry in the United States. Last week, my home state of Nevada reopened dentistry amid the COVID-19 pandemic. After a six-week pause, we were able to open our doors.… Read More »

‘Weird but familiar’: Back to practicing full time

It was May 8, my first day back to work full time after Florida lifted the mandatory emergency only dental order put in place mid-March. I felt strangely nervous to be back, even though I had been rotating in for emergency services for the past six weeks. However, we only had four people in the office, and getting… Read More »

Moving forward in the age of COVID-19

This is weird. Do you remember when your biggest frustration used to be getting the perfect contact for that class 2 restoration? Many weeks into COVID-19, we still find ourselves in the upside down with a brand-new vocabulary of “social distancing” and “shelter in place,” and my mom asking me about PPE. The industry ramifications and impacts continue… Read More »