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Pride 50th anniversary: Five ways you can be a better ally dentist

At 1:20 a.m. on June 28, 1969, eight policemen arrived at the Stonewall Inn and announced “Police! We’re taking the place!” At the time, police raids at gay bars were nothing new — for years, the police would overtake queer establishments to make arrests, extort money, and blackmail LGBTQ+ individuals seeking safe spaces, but this time was different.… Read More »

Teledentistry – a positive hope during this coronavirus upheaval?

President John F. Kennedy has famously gone on record stating that “when written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity.” Although his literal interpretation of this Chinese word for criss may be questionable, his ideal and underlying message reverberates with us today. COVID-19 has transformed from a… Read More »

‘All in this together’: Despite uncertainties over COVID-19, let’s be the voice of reason

I sit here looking at torn up carpet, smelling fresh paint and hearing nothing.  It’s the middle of a Thursday morning and my dental office is silent. I should be hearing my assistants laughing with each other, hygienists reviewing radiographs with patients, and 12 ops humming with high speed drills and suctions. The silence is terrifying. You see, in January… Read More »

Do it for the ‘gram: Developing your dental practice’s social media identity

Have you heard of Instagram? Of course you have. It’s one of the largest social media platforms, currently serving over one billion monthly active users. If you’re under the age of thirty-five, you likely have an account yourself that you use to post filtered selfies, pictures of your cats, and/or esthetic landscapes. However, have you ever considered using… Read More »

Turning tough talks into wins

We’ve all faced them. The conversations we wish we didn’t have to have. Whether with loved ones, team members or superiors, they are all a source of dread. There is little training offered in how to handle these conversations, and most often it is based on past mistakes that hopefully can be learned from. But because handling difficult… Read More »

Hermey the Elf, ADA bring holiday spirit to patient care resources

Hermey the Elf, who was named a D.D.G.—Dental Do Gooder—by the ADA in 2014, is back this holiday season to make improving oral health more festive. Hermey is featured in patient resources, including coloring pages and brushing charts available on “Hermey is a beloved character who embodies the spirit of the season,” said Dr. Chad P. Gehani,… Read More »