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Let us now consider dental patient napkin holders

Dental patient napkins used during routine dental procedures are often disposable, but napkin holders typically are reusable, although they can be tough to disinfect. There are both disposable napkin holders and disposable napkins that don’t require a separate holder on the market. Dentists need to make informed decisions on whether to use disposable or reusable products for patient… Read More »

Watch What Happened…Live!

The ADA Annual Session is packed with education, and ADA365 is the place to go for on-demand videos of the courses you may have missed (or just want to watch again.) It’s all free to ADA members, just visit ADA.org/ADA365 and log-in with your ADA member number and the password ADA365 (all caps). With more than 50 hours… Read More »

Not going to New Orleans? Join the ADA Meeting Online at ADA365

Go to ADA.org/ADA365 and you can •    watch President Bill Clinton’s address live on Thursday, October 31 (not available on-demand) •    view Education in the Round courses •    sit in on the hottest lectures •    take a virtual tour of the Dental Office Design Center. Access to ADA365 is free to members; non-members can sign up for $50.… Read More »

All this CE for One Flat Fee

The ADA CE Online Loyalty Program gives you access to the entire ADA CE Online course library for one year and one flat fee of $479 for ADA members (non-members pay $719.) Take as few or as many courses as you like – as the course library grows, so do your CE options! Choose from a variety of… Read More »

In the Market for a Disposable High-Speed Handpiece?

If you’re wondering who would use a disposable handpiece, consider clinical settings that present unusual operating conditions or challenging infection control situations where sterilization is not practical or cost-effective. Remote or mobile clinics, medical missions or military field installations all represent possible situations where a disposable high-speed handpiece would come in handy. How might you make an informed… Read More »