In the Market for a Disposable High-Speed Handpiece?

By | September 18, 2013
ADA Professional Product Review

ADA Professional Product Review

If you’re wondering who would use a disposable handpiece, consider clinical settings that present unusual operating conditions or challenging infection control situations where sterilization is not practical or cost-effective. Remote or mobile clinics, medical missions or military field installations all represent possible situations where a disposable high-speed handpiece would come in handy.

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One thought on “In the Market for a Disposable High-Speed Handpiece?

  1. Sonrisa Family Dental

    At first glance, a disposable high-speed handpiece doesn’t sound cost effective. However, I do know someone who works with Project Smile who travels to poverty stricken areas across the world who could use I tool like this. I will be talking to them about this.


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