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Interested in Volunteering Outside the U.S.?

Looking for a volunteer opportunity overseas? Browse more than 100 organizations offering oral health volunteer opportunities outside the U.S. at The site is a resource for dental professionals to learn more about what it’s like to volunteer their skills and help populations in need outside the U.S. If you have volunteered internationally for more than 14 days… Read More »

Money Matters — Shared Accounts?

Over at his blog The Simple Dollar, Trent has been wondering when it makes sense for romantic couples to share a checking account (Spoiler alert: He and his wife began marriage with separate accounts, but they eventually merged.) Back in 2011, Jessica Grose wrote for Slate about the possibilities she and her husband considered: Common Potters — this… Read More »

Watch What Happened…Live!

The ADA Annual Session is packed with education, and ADA365 is the place to go for on-demand videos of the courses you may have missed (or just want to watch again.) It’s all free to ADA members, just visit and log-in with your ADA member number and the password ADA365 (all caps). With more than 50 hours… Read More »

The Secret to Effective Email

  Earlier we posted about asking for favors on the phone, but we know that email is a more common communications tool for many of us. What is it that makes some emails get ignored while others get action? At the Inc. blog, Geoffrey James has a six-step system for writing emails that produce results. Here’s step #1:… Read More »