Procrastinating? Try a Time Dash

By | December 8, 2013
Pocket watches in a bunch


Everybody procrastinates sometimes. If you find yourself seeking distractions from the task-at-hand, consider doing a time dash to get back on track. The blog 99U identifies three different kinds of time dash proposed by writer and speaker Merlin Mann:

  •  Time-based dash – Use a timer and choose an amount of time that gives you enough room to do something but that’s brief enough to seem completely unintimidating (Mann suggests eight minutes.)
  •  Unit-based dash – Plow through an arbitrary number of pieces (pages to read, documents to file, etc.)
  •  Combination dash – Stop the hated work whether you reach either the time or unit goal first.

What about you? Any tricks that help you get going when it’s tough to start? Share your suggestion in the comments.