Webinar: How to hire best dental team

By | May 2, 2018

A June 20 webinar is targeted to help dentists hire the best dental team members for their practice.

Attracting and Retaining All-Star Dental Teams is scheduled for noon-1 p.m. Central time on June 20. Sponsored by the ADA Council on Dental Practice, it’s the fifth in a series of webinars based on content from the ADA’s Guidelines for Practice Success modules and recaps some of the information available in the area on Managing the Dental Team.

“Filling vacancies in the practice can seem overwhelming. It doesn’t matter if you’re adding a new position or filling one that’s vacant or if it’s a clinical or administrative opening,” said Dr. Scott L. Theurer, a council member and chair of its Practice Management Subcommittee. “More than just finding someone everyone likes, the new team members must have the skills to accomplish their assigned work, be able to integrate into the team and contribute to the practice’s growth through personal efficiency and a commitment to providing superior customer service.”

Participants can earn one hour of continuing education credit if they complete at least 45 minutes of the program and complete a brief post-program survey. Objectives for the webinar include how to develop a help wanted ad that attracts the caliber of candidates dentists and their patients want; steps to follow when interviewing candidates; and knowing how and when to perform growth conferences for new employees and how to determine team compensations.

The presenters include Dr. Pamela Porembski, director of the ADA Council for Dental Practice in the Practice Institute, and Debra Engelhardt-Nash, a lecturer who has taught and coached dental teams for more than 30 years.

“Dentists often serve dual roles as the team’s quarterback and as its coach,” said Dr. Julia K. Mikell, a member of the Council on Dental Practice and chair of its work group on the Guidelines for Practice Success. “We have to be able to skillfully manage the dental health care that each patient needs and we have to successfully lead and motivate the team that works with us to provide that care. This webinar and the Guidelines for Practice Success module on Managing the Dental Team offer valuable tips for leading the team based on information shared by leading dental consultants who have seen it all.”

Visit https://tinyurl.com/GPSDTeam to register for the webinar. Participants who stay for the complete program will receive a promo code offering them the chance to save 20 percent on all Guidelines for Practice Success products purchased through the ADA Catalog. The webinar will be available for viewing after but only those who attend the live program are eligible to receive CE.

The complete GPS module on Managing the Dental Team, as well as other Guidelines for Practice Success content, is available as a member benefit on the ADA Center for Professional Success website and at ADA.org/gps. Webinars on other Guidelines for Practice Success topics are also available for on-demand streaming at the site.

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    I would be interested in and finding out if you had any success in Canton Ohio. And with that success, how many practices are offering the Invisalign product.

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    This is really interesting and the title of the article completely depicts what it does mean. Superb offer to go with. Thanks for sharing.


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