Free webinar: What you need to know about self-funded (ERISA) dental plans

By | August 9, 2019

Ever wonder why a dental plan doesn’t follow laws in your state? Or why a secondary dental plan did not make any payment in addition to the primary plan’s payment?

These are common concerns with self-funded dental plans governed by a federal law called “ERISA.” A self-funded dental plan is a benefit plan in which the plan sponsor, i.e. an employer, is responsible for payment of claims and hires a benefit carrier to administer the plan and process claims. These third party administrators provide call center support services, networks and other administrative support, but don’t face any financial risk from claim costs.

In this free webinar, to be held from noon-1 p.m. Aug. 29, a consultant from a major dental plan will discuss the differences between self-funded and fully insured plans, why employers self-fund dental plans and related questions. Two representatives from the ADA’s Council on Dental Benefit Programs will present ADA views based on best practices and policy adopted by the ADA’s House of Delegates regarding self-funded plans.

Register today for the “Self-Funded (ERISA) Dental Plans: What you need to know” webinar. Dentists earn 1 CERP credit.

This webinar is another of the many ways we’re working to help answer our members’ most important questions on dental benefits and third party issues. We look forward to your participation.

For more information on ADA’s activities on third party payer advocacy and dental benefits, visit

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