Developing Your Dental Practice Brand

By | October 16, 2013

open mouthA brand identifies a good or services as distinctive from others—think of the original use of branding as a way for ranchers to identify cattle from various owners. Having a distinctive brand is especially important when many similar businesses compete in a single marketplace. For instance, a restaurant’s branding helps you to decide whether it is the perfect location for a romantic dinner, a great setting for a group celebration, or an easy option for an early supper with young children. The restaurant’s brand singles it out in a crowded marketplace, much as the cattle brand separates one steer from the herd.

The brand of a particular dental practice will be informed by the owner dentist’s philosophy of dentistry. Having a target makes it easier for your brand to take aim, shifting your focus from a “one size fits all” approach. Here are three tips adapted from ADA New Dentist News:

Good Graphic Design is a Good Start It’s true—everything from the practice website to the reminder postcards benefits from having a consistent graphic identity. This means fonts, colors and images must all work together harmoniously, and that is a job for a professional, not an ambitious amateur. Just remember that they are the expert designers, and you are the expert dentist!

Every Encounter Makes a Difference But a brand is more than distinctive visuals. The way the team answers the phone, greets patients when they arrive and schedules follow-up appointments are all touch points that communicate your brand.

The Dentist is the Most Important Part of the Brand A logo or slogan is not what makes a practice successful. Your patients and your team will look to see if your actions are in alignment with your brand. Activities such as attending community events, shopping and dining locally, joining the Chamber of Commerce, and connecting on a person-to-person basis offer proof that you fully support the ideals of your brand.

3 thoughts on “Developing Your Dental Practice Brand

  1. James Kline DDS

    I truly believe that if you’re not active in the community it does reflect on your business. You need to be a part of the community where your business is located in.

  2. Dr. Matt Johnson - Aliso Viejo Dentist

    I completely agree. You cant just talk about your brand, its identity you have to show it in everything that you do. Maintaining consistency throughout will no doubt lead to a more successful marketing campaign, but business as well. Thanks for the post!

  3. Od. Luis Marcano

    Building a brand is a matter of professionals as you´ve properly stated, and a matter of time as well

    Some marketing experts have said that it takes 2-3 years to establish a brand, by establishing I mean living from it

    I encourage my colleagues to get trained in that area, and of course, seeking advice from professionals

    Be well!


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