Ethical Dental Marketing

By | October 18, 2013

Young girl using tabletNo matter whether you are an employee, an owner or practicing in another setting, the way you market yourself as a dentist must be ethical, as well as effective. Consult the ADA Advertising Basics for Dentists and Dental Associations: A Guide to Federal and State Rules and Standards for information on common questions dentists have when preparing marketing materials.

Find information on assessing an advertisement for problems, substantiating claims made in advertisements and navigating the ethical considerations of newer marketing tactics such as deal-of-the-day social couponing sites.

Truthful advertising can be a solid foundation for building a trusted dentist-patient relationship. Be sure to consult your local and state dental associations and your own legal counsel for advice.

6 thoughts on “Ethical Dental Marketing

  1. Barry Johnsin DDS

    I think it’s always best to make sure when advertising that you do check into the legal aspects of what you want to send out just to make sure that you are following the local and state dental association guidelines.

  2. Darryl E. Gilmore DDS

    When it comes to advertising make sure your working side by side with the advertising representative or a person who will be a cop-op in helping you place an advertising for your business and knows the industry well.

  3. Fernando Gomez

    Your website and ad campaigns are the best way to showcase your products. Dentistry as one of the most respected and known health science seems to be a great challenge in building a reputable website. You can start by creating content promoting patient education while not placing the dentist’s self-interests ahead of the patient’s. Along the process of content creation, landing page design and ad campaign, and consulting from digital marketer will be a great help through this process

  4. John F. Powers

    This was a great help to me and my practice. I’ve gone through marketing specialist before with very little knowledge of marketing. The ADA link was very insightful so thank you for sharing!

  5. Od. Luis Marcano

    Thanks for sharing those links, I´ll gladly read those contents

    I agree with you, ethics must come along with us to our digital channels, one of the most important things is giving value through them, we can use them as ways to spread information that is important for the general public (for example, smoking is the cause number one of oral health)

    Greetings from Caracas, Venezuela


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