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New Dentist Conference kicks off with speaker encouraging ‘Five Second Rule’

Wearing sparkly high tops and a lavalier microphone as she traversed the meeting room, Mel Robbins had the full attention of the audience during her keynote address Thursday at the New Dentist Conference. But then laughter and conversation erupted in the room when she demanded that all attendees get up and sit next to someone they didn’t know.… Read More »

Come sail away: New dentist sails the Atlantic

As the media has noted ad nauseam, millennials seem to prefer experiences to possessions. Still, can you imagine purchasing a sailboat instead of a house – and living on it – because you love to sail? Or taking a year or two off from your dental practice to sail around the world? Dr. Herby Benavent, who practices in Clarksville,… Read More »

Pathways to Dentistry: VA Hospital

When Dr. Sam Willens was in dental school, he imagined himself one day working in his own private practice office. So these days, about seven years since graduation and six years since he got hired on full-time at a Veterans Affairs hospital dental clinic just outside Chicago, his main advice for other new dentists is “keep an open… Read More »

Finding a job in federal dentistry

Almost 5,000 dentists work for the U.S. Public Health Service, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs or the military. Among the benefits with this professional choice: a base salary access to an assortment of nontaxable income and benefits a competitive compensation package that grows with years of service and promotions potential use of time to complete a residency or… Read More »

The dark days of dentistry

You want to know a secret? Sometimes I don’t want to go to work. . . Sometimes I don’t want to pull that tooth or make that denture or place that composite. Sometimes . . . I don’t want to do dentistry at all. But if you’re a practicing dentist reading this right now, you know full well… Read More »

Student loan-repayment options for dental residents

With the introduction of a dedicated refinancing program for dental residents, dentists in training now have more options for repaying their dental-school loans. It’s good to have options, but the landscape can be a little complicated to navigate. If you’re a dental resident, or are about to become one, there are some things you should know when deciding… Read More »