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Getting to know you: Dr. Emily Mattingly

What kind of dentistry/specialty do you practice? I am a general dentist in a group family practice. I see mainly pediatric and adolescent patients in an area where we have a high volume of Medicaid patients. Where do you practice? I practice in rural north central Missouri in my hometown of Chillicothe, the “Home of Sliced Bread.” Why… Read More »

Alabama dentist details challenges of motherhood, solo practice

Dr. Britany Matin’s maternity leave was a little unorthodox. While most new moms take at least six weeks off after having a baby, Dr. Matin was back to work two weeks after giving birth. It was admittedly quick, but the 32-year-old periodontist didn’t feel she had a choice. Dr. Matin opened her Auburn practice from scratch in 2015… Read More »

Getting to Know You: : Dr. Yige Zhao

Why dentistry?  My father is a dentist so I’ve always been exposed to the profession but throughout most of my life, I actually wanted to be anything but a dentist. I knew I wanted to go into the health profession, and I was extremely skilled with my hands since I was little. Dentistry ended up being the perfect… Read More »

2017 10 Under 10 winner: Expertise he can take anywhere in the world

As a pre-dental student in the mid 2000s, Dr. Hubert Park was interested in learning more about the profession while also giving back. A dental service trip to Kenya presented an excellent opportunity to do both. It was an experience that would change Dr. Park’s life. “I remember seeing dozens of Kenyans in line each day to receive… Read More »

Getting to Know You: Dr. Brooke Fukuoka

Why dentistry? The freedom that I have to cater methods, treatments and materials to my unique patient needs keeps me on my feet and keeps me motivated to seek knowledge and study evidence-based dentistry. Why are you an ADA member? The ADA connects like-minded practitioners across the country. This type of support is very valuable for a new dentist. The… Read More »

Three new dentists, three different paths

The ADA New Dentist News spoke with three dentists — all 2018 dental school grads — to learn what led them to dentistry and how they chose their career path. Military Dr. Kristofer Harris took a demotion to become a dentist, but he couldn’t be happier. Dr. Harris, 37, was recommissioned as a lieutenant in the Navy Dental… Read More »