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‘All in this together’: Despite uncertainties over COVID-19, let’s be the voice of reason

I sit here looking at torn up carpet, smelling fresh paint and hearing nothing.  It’s the middle of a Thursday morning and my dental office is silent. I should be hearing my assistants laughing with each other, hygienists reviewing radiographs with patients, and 12 ops humming with high speed drills and suctions. The silence is terrifying. You see, in January… Read More »

Leadership for newbies: Becoming a trustee two years after dental school

Once I graduated from dental school, I began to seek out leadership opportunities in the real world. One of the first things I noticed was that the active leaders in my dental communities were most often middle-aged men. As a young female dentist, I felt that there was a distinct lack of young/female/recent grad/private practice representation within dental… Read More »

Camaraderie over competition: Why I started a study club

I started thinking about buying a practice in the summer of 2019. I’d been out of school an entire year by then and was already on my second associateship. Acquiring my own business was one of the primary reasons I got into dental school, and that summer, I felt ready. I first began by peeling down all the… Read More »

LGBTQ equality is on the rise; it’s time for dentistry to catch up

The week before starting dental school, I brought my partner along with my family, to my white coat ceremony. At the end of the event, while congratulating my parents, an administrator I had recently met pulled my dad aside and told him, “If you want your son to do well, tell him not to bring his ‘friend’ around… Read More »

New dentist committed to international humanitarianism

Kihei, Hawaii — Dr. Jesse Hollander has his own dental practice in Maui but still feels the need to escape paradise from time to time. The dentist, a 2012 graduate of the Oregon Health & Science University School of Dentistry, embarks frequently on international humanitarian trips with his wife, Dr. Erica Hollander, a pediatric dentist. It’s a tradition… Read More »

Volunteer efforts shift after Hurricane Maria destruction

In September 2017, Hurricane Maria, a category 4 storm, hit the island of Puerto Rico. The destruction from the southeast to the northwest of the islands left thousands of homes and businesses damaged and without power for months. According to one source, the death toll, including indirect deaths from the storm, is now estimated to be 4,645, making… Read More »