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Business side of dentistry: Becoming the leader you need to be

Editor’s note: This is the ninth article in a series exploring the business aspects of the dental profession, from starting a practice and marketing to hiring staff and finances. If we don’t talk about leadership in a dental office, we aren’t really discussing anything valuable, are we? Because, what is a practice without a great leader? It’s a… Read More »

Looking for ways to increase access to care? Consider GKAS

The ADA’s Give Kids A Smile program has been my gateway into public health as well as an avenue to leadership within the ADA. Like many others, I first learned about GKAS during dental school, where the event was held annually. It was a fun-filled day of free pediatric dentistry, identifying and addressing treatment needs for children who… Read More »

Everyone Matters: Seeking leadership diversity in organized dentistry

It has been a long but fulfilling 10 years of hard work in organized dentistry – or “dental-land,” as I like to affectionally call it. I often talk about losing my community of colleagues and friends once dental school graduation happened, and how my work in the associations has brought me a new community. They are the support… Read More »

Consider doing more this Black History Month

A couple of months ago I wrote a blog after the death of George Floyd. In it I talked about wondering what my great grandmother, who lived to be 92 and died in 1997 would have thought of what has come to be generally accepted as his killing by the police, and I extrapolated that to how she… Read More »

All about character: What my time with the Army National Guard has taught me about being a dentist

The Army Blackhawk helicopter banked over the mountain ridges of California before soaring through the canyons and hovering over treetops doing their flight maneuvers. A giant grin was across my dusty face as I savored every moment. I had joined a soldier who was doing a preventative medical visit for another battalion at Fort Hunter Liggett. There was… Read More »

Questioning our role in health care in response to COVID-19

It feels strange to say, but I feel very lucky right now. In the face of an unprecedented pandemic ripping apart the fabric of our society, workplaces, and daily lives, my life has resumed largely as if nothing changed. My family is healthy, and my office is perhaps busier and more productive than before COVID-19 took hold, only… Read More »