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Rebirth of a new dentist: Learning from failures and a crisis

I can remember my return to new dentist status like it was yesterday. Eighteen months ago, I was sitting on the steps of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial. I turned to one of my best friends, my mentor, and someone that I very much look up to, and asked for help. I asked him, “Why have I… Read More »

The unique impact of COVID-19 on the LGBTQ+ community

In a matter of several weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a drastic impact on the way we interact with each other. With fear and unanswered questions, the world has been forced to take a deep look into the way our political and healthcare systems work. Throughout history, the LGBTQ+ community has always been disproportionately affected during changes… Read More »

Doing our part in the COVID-19 crisis

What I have been thinking a lot about in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic is that I don’t think any of us ever dreamed about being called on to help out during a global health crisis or having to close our offices as part of trying to stop the rampant spread of this virus. As updates and… Read More »

Feeling anxious about coronavirus? Remember to reach out to fellow dentists

The past week has been one strange week. Many didn’t see this coming the way it did, and I doubt anyone expected state heads to take such measures to ensure public safety. I’m talking about COVID-19, and the toll it has taken on dentistry, but you probably guessed that already. It was late afternoon on March 19, when… Read More »

In the face of novel times

Hard to believe just a few short weeks ago when I had asked another medical provider about this virus in China that was causing the Chinese government to build hospitals overnight to treat the sick, they scoffed at this virus with a childish answer that it was just like the flu and the biggest concern and threat were… Read More »

Making tough decisions, finding support during coronavirus crisis

I never imagined that the news I was hearing about a virus months ago would affect us so personally on so many levels. As dentists and members of the health care community, we have all had to make some really difficult decisions in the past week and surely the overload of information, opinions and responsibilities is stressful. It… Read More »