Another Round of Applause, This Time for Dr. Dan Edwards

By | December 20, 2013
Dr. Dan Edwards

Dr. Dan Edwards

Here at the New Dentist Conference, we’re proud to honor the ADA Golden Apple Award Winners. Dr. Dan Edwards won the award for Outstanding Leadership in Mentoring.

In 2012 ADA New Dentist News spoke with Dr. Dan Edwards about his approach to mentoring dental students:

 “I want to give a mentee enough information to make an informed decision, which isn’t the same as getting someone to copy my decisions,” explains Dr. Edwards. “It’s similar to the way I present a treatment plan to a patient. I lay out all the options, and I share my opinion about what I recommend as the best course of action. When it comes to mentoring, my passion is right there on the surface, because these have been good choices for me. But each individual has to make his or her own decision.”

Congratulations to Dr. Dan Edwards and all the other 2013 winners!

What about you? Who is a mentor who has made (or is still making) a difference in your life? Leave your answer in the comments.