A Round of Applause for Dr. David White

By | December 20, 2013
Dr. David White

Dr. David White

Here at the New Dentist Conference, we’re proud to honor the ADA Golden Apple Award Winners. Dr. David White received the award for New Dentist Leadership.

In 2012, ADA New Dentist News spoke with Dr. David White about how mentoring the next generation of dentists helps to protect the future of the profession:

(Dr. White coordinates) a range of programs that connect pre-dental students to elementary school enrichment programs. For Dr. White, these activities represent an investment. “There are problems in any community that can’t be solved with money — they take time.”

One way that investment of time pays off for Dr. White is with his work as chair of the Nevada Dental Association’s Political Action Committee. “One reason I feel so comfortable doing advocacy work, is that lawmakers see these young leaders who are dentists or are on the track to becoming dentists, making a quantifiable difference in the community. It means we are able to approach those legislators and say, ‘This is what we, as a profession, think is in the best interest of our citizens,’ and we have credibility.”

Congratulations to Dr. David White and to all the other 2013 winners!

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