A Cool Story about Mentoring

By | December 20, 2013
Kevin Goles

Kevin Goles

Kevin Goles is attending the 27th New Dentist Conference — he’s a member of the Class of 2015 at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry.

Kevin accepted the New Dentist Leadership award on behalf of Dr. David White who wasn’t able to attend the awards luncheon. Dr. White mentored Kevin back when Kevin was a pre-dental student in Nevada.

And Kevin stuck around to help present the award for Outstanding Leadership in Mentoring to Dr. Dan Edwards, who is a current mentor to Kevin in Michigan, and a former mentor of Dr. Dan White!

“Dr. White really expanded my knowledge and grew my interest in dentistry and my passion for helping people. He helped me make decisions about my dental education and prepare me for taking on leadership roles. And now that I have these student leadership positions, Dr. Edwards is helping me make sure that I can manage all these priorities and stay effective.”

Of course mentoring is not just for dental students. Both ADA President Dr. Robert Faiella and Immediate Past President Dr. William Calnon gave interviews to ADA News citing the value of mentoring they received after school.

If you already have a mentor, congratulations! And if you’d like to get started with a mentoring relationship we have ideas.

Attending state or local dental meetings is an ideal way to meet successful dentists in a low-stress environment. Find a directory of state and local dental societies at ADA.org/societydirectories.