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By | December 19, 2013

Dr. Chris Saliernoby Dr. Chris Salierno

This is the official blog of the American Dental Association’s New Dentist Committee. It’s the first blog ever for the ADA!  It makes sense that this committee is taking the lead into blogging because our generation relies on social media for almost everything, both personal and professional.  We want the blog to be a source of useful info and also a great way to connect with people just like yourself.

The first ten years of practice are filled with unique challenges and opportunities. When we graduate dental school, there are so many possible paths.  Should we complete a residency or apply for a job right away?  What if we want to join academics and teach dental students?  How can we join the Public Health Service or the military?  Or maybe take the leap into practice ownership?  Whatever your path, the ADA offers resources to help you be successful.

I’ve served on the New Dentist Committee at the national level for four incredible years. In that time, I’ve been able to see what the ADA does for us each day. They fight the political battles that one dentist could never fight alone. They protect the doctor-patient relationship. They provide the latest clinical information to dentists and educate the public. And because the great majority of dentists belong to the ADA we get great tangible benefits, too.  (I’m thinking ADA-sponsored Members Insurance Plans as a great example.)

Dentistry remains a great profession, and we have so many options to practice the way we want to, thanks to the work of ADA leaders who came before us.

And now it’s our turn.

I invite you to follow the New Dentist Now blog.  Be an active participant in the future of our profession. Help us debate and shape policy.  As we talk about life as a new dentist today, share your own experiences and perspectives. The conversation starts… now!

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