Free webinar: Preparing for Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office

By | August 1, 2018

About this event

This webinar will cover what to put in an emergency medical kit. We will also discuss special considerations for how to ensure that the kit is always up to date and that staff are most able to respond in case of a medical emergency.

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Learning Outcomes

– Articulate what goes in an emergency medical kit and why each item is necessary.
– Describe what the opioid epidemic means to dentists and why it is important for dentists to carry Narcan.
– Understand the importance of ensuring medications are up to date and what causes variability in shelf life of medications.

About the presenter

Donald Cohen, DMD
Dr. Cohen has been a licensed practicing dentist in New York State for more than 30 years. He taught at Columbia University SDOS for more than 30 years and was an Attending Dentist at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City for over 20 years. Dr. Cohen is past president of the New York State Society of Dentistry for Children and is currently Director of Compliance for Health Compliance Team Inc., a national compliance company delivering total on-site compliance solutions and seminars to dental offices.
Dr. Cohen is employed by HealthFirst.

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