New marketing management resource available for ADA members

By | November 18, 2016

Where is your next new patient coming from? Do you know why patients are loyal to your practice? How can you avoid losing patients to another practice?

Managing MarketingIn an effort to help dentists answer those questions and to better understand and manage their practices, the Guidelines for Practice Success (GPS), a new resource for ADA members to help them achieve their practice goals, in October launched a new module — Managing Marketing. The module is housed on the revamped ADA Center for Professional Success.

“The Council on Dental Practice created the GPS project in response to members’ requests for practice management information,” said Dr. Julia K. Mikell, a member of the council who participated in the development of the ADA’s Guidelines for Practice Success module on Managing Marketing.

Spearheaded by the council, the ADA developed the guidelines through a consensus-driven process that included dental practice management consultants and content authorities. The guidelines are rooted in established practices that make the patient’s well-being the preeminent concern when providing patient care.

Managing Marketing is one of four Guidelines for Practice Success modules to help ADA members succeed: Managing Patients; Managing Finances; and Managing the Dental Team. Each module is filled with resources — from introduction to social media and creating your marketing plan to managing your brand and calculating return on investment. Two additional modules — Managing the Regulatory Environment and Managing Technology — will be added in 2017.

“Each module presents ethical best practices developed in collaboration with a broad community of subject matter authorities and vetted through many communities of interest,” Dr. Mikell said. “Marketing matters for practices at all stages: new ones, those that are already established, and those nearing a transition in ownership. The 38 articles and 12 original resources included in this module will help members devise marketing plans that help them achieve their goals,” said Dr. Mikell.

The resource, he added, educates dentists about topics like what should be on a website, how to build and protect the practice’s image and brand, what to do if there’s a negative online review, what to consider before working with a marketing consultant, and more.

The guidelines are located in the ADA Center for Professional Success, which is now optimized for mobile devices. To view the guidelines, visit

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  1. A Travis

    Our business employ many marketing methods, the ones that we see bear the most fruit are typically the ones that require the most amount of effort. We use many tools and create our own to help stay on top and make the process more efficient. Looking forward to learning more about ADA’s new Marketing Management Resource.


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